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Our mission is simple: To give you the best production service. Our passion lies in creating superior content, and we are committed to doing that with a diversity of spirit, thought and culture; unified in vision and intention.


Born In Georgia. "MadWeather Productions" is newly founded company by highly skilled and motivated team. We search to create. Our dedication and enthusiasm will help you to get a service and content that will get noticed. Before founding "MadWeather Production", founders have developed, produced and completed a wide range of exciting and unique award winning projects all around the world. Returning to their home country, MadWeather team saw huge potential in turning Georgia to one of the main filming locations in Europe and Asia. Trusting this idea to the fullest made "MadWeather" possible. We have the combined capabilities of a video production company, and post-production house. Our productions include: Commercials, Fashion Films, Branded videos, Short/feature films...


Gold award “Independent Shorts Awards” 
“Indie X Film Fest” Winner for best Short
“Indie Short Fest” Award Winner 2021
“Lonely Wold Film Festival” Award Winner 2021.


Rophaki Studios
NY times

Starcom LTD. 

11 Bit Studios


Sarke Studios


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Sandro Alania

Head of Production


Creative Director/ Cinematographer with 6+ years of comprehensive video production experience. Adept in overseeing all aspects of film production, including camera lens choices, camera manipulation, lighting choices, set design, and various technological matters that affect the overall visual outcome in the film. In-depth knowledge of still camera management, editing techniques and location scouting. Bringing forth the ability to collaborative effectively with others, and prioritize the goals of the film efficiently. Enthusiastic and committed to creating thought and emotion provoking cinema.

Shota Alania

CFO / Producer

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Shota co-founded MadWeather production, a Tbilisi- based independent production company is an innovative Producer with years of experience in all aspects of video production. Visionary creator, editor, storyteller and business operations manager with demonstrated ability to take an idea from concept to delivery to produce entertaining and inspiring pieces. Collaborative in working closely with strategic and creative teams to develop and produce quality video content. Expertise in preproduction logistics, planning, production, custom graphics composition, special effects and asset management.

Nikolai Mihailišin

Executive Producer & Partner


He has probably the most extensive experience in the Baltic states doing it so. It has given him a strong understanding of running multi-cultural productions. He always concentrates on solutions, and rarely you will hear a NO in his vocabulary. But, you will often hear him referring to himself as WE because he is a natural team player. He loves open communication and builds up trust in the crew from the beginning.

Elina Jozauska

Producer & Partner


Starting the journey with BBC “Archangel” (2005) as PA and going through numerous departments and jobs both in commercials and films has gained her maximum experience she can now put in stories that matter. Her latest work as a producer is internationally awarded (Grand Prix at Lubeck film festival) feature film “The Pit” (2020) by Dace Puce. For the first time ever in the history of the festival, this NDR Film Prize went to a film from Latvia and that is the biggest motivation to any producer to keep on going and keep on working.

Luka Lortkipanidze

Creative Director


We live in an era of never-ending change. In this ever-fluid landscape, it’s increasingly important to adapt to the new way people want to consume marketing messages and connect with brands. To keep up with these rapid changes, Luka’s aim is to bring inspiration and innovation that makes a difference—big or small, traditional or experimental. Luka thrives on creating amazing ideas, working with creative teams to execute them, and delivering great work to clients as a team.

Slow Pulse Group

Art Department Team & Partner


Art Department team based in Tbilisi, Georgia.
With the many years of work experience, running the entire Art department and creating a lots of interesting sets, we decide to develop more opportunities for film industry field in our country. With the team of professionals, starting from the Idea, we Design and Manage the realization of unique Sets for Filming and advertising,


Address: Georgia, Tbilisi, 9, Shalva Dadiani st. 0105

Company ID: 406345003

Phone: +995 593 93 60 60  / +995 555 73 08 93



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